Geddes Refrigeration Limited (GRL) has been in operation for over 60 years and is recognized as one of the great Jamaican companies that has not only survived but realized significant growth despite the challenging economic climate during the time of its existence. The company’s product and service offerings are centered on the supply of air condition and refrigeration units and the servicing of these items through the provision of technical service and maintenance parts.

GRL is seeking to capitalize on the opportunities in the market for hire purchase and lease financing through the incorporation and launch of its subsidiary Geddes Financial Services (GFS).Geddes Financial Services Limited mission is to improve the comfort and infrastructure of its clients through the offering of affordable payment options. The Company was birth out of an obvious need in the market for more flexible payment options by GRL clients in light of the tough economic conditions that were being faced.

Air conditioner remote
AC after maintenance

GFS activities will be primarily confined to providing financing for equipment leasing and servicing that is sold through Geddes Refrigeration’s Limited. The financing will be made available to both individual and business clients seeking this type of service.
GFS was also established to provide financial assistance to the staff at Geddes Refrigeration Limited to address the urgent needs that surface from time to time at a special low rate.