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Think cool. Think Lennox dual inverter air conditioners. Because your comfort matters. Lennox dual-inverter delivers outstanding energy savings up to 75% compared to conventional non-inverters. Lennox saves more than most inverters on the market and for a short payback of 6-9 months- it’s your best investment as a property owner or facilities manager!


24,000 – 60,000 BTU

Fan and Coil

12,000 – 60,000 BTU



24,000 – 60,000 BTU

Light commercial inverter systems allow efficient heating and cooling of a room or zone, without the need for ductwork. Made up of a compact indoor unit, an outdoor unit and a remote control, these systems offer a choice of configurations and can work across a range of application. See more information about our light commercial line here.

These units can be installed on a wall and mounted close to the floor level, or mounted on the ceiling when floor space is limited.  An auto air-swing vane distributes airflow both vertically and horizontally as it automatically adjusts direction.  This ensures optimal air circulation, no matter where the unit is installed.

Fan and coil units are mounted within the ceiling where they are hidden from view, leaving ample wall space for televisions, mirrors and artwork.  A removable panel offers additional installation flexibility.

Light Commercial

Cassette units are ceiling hung split system units that sit flush to your ceiling and distribute conditioned air through two, three or four sides of the unit. Cassette units are the best solution for cooling large areas. Due to the large amount of space that both the ceiling and outdoor unit take up, you will need to consult an expert to install where to safely mount one.

Our Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) inverter product line allows conditioning the space on an area by area basis, offering the flexibility to select the components that best suit your decor.

These features, as well as the individual control and low power consumption, make these systems ideal for applications such as hotels, schools, shopping malls, offices, medical centers, restaurants, apartments, homes, among others.

Lennox Mini VRF brochure.

Lennox Commercial VRF brochure.

VRF (Variable Refrigeration Flow) inverter technology is the latest breakthrough in zoned comfort cooling and Lennox VRF is extremely efficient and versatile providing customizable zoned comfort cooling for various industry spaces such as retail, hospitality, restaurants, healthcare, education as well as multi-family residential applications. Each indoor unit can be pre-selected to fit the décor and maximize space utilization for improved cooling efficiency and humidity control. Occupants in each zone have the option to customize the level of cooling required for their space.

Designers and property owners opting for extreme energy consumption savings with VRF inverters have the flexibility of mixing and matching indoor units of choice for various rooms.

Hi-Wall mounts are ideal for a wide variety of applications and are widely used in residential applications to cool bedrooms and living rooms, in commercial spaces for smaller offices and meeting rooms.

Cassette units are popular for spaces with drop ceilings in hotels, offices, meeting rooms and restaurants.

Fan and coil units are ideal for buildings with multiple rooms such as hotels and offices. Fan and coil units are mounted in the ceiling where they are hidden from view. Panels can be removed to change the air intake direction from horizontal to vertical.

Floor to Ceiling units are ideal for limited space applications such as reception desks or offices. They can be mounted at floor level next to an outside wall (for vertical air flow) or near the ceiling when floor space is limited (for horizontal air flow).