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Think cool. Think Lennox dual inverter air conditioners. Because your comfort matters. Lennox dual-inverter delivers outstanding energy savings up to 75% compared to conventional non-inverters. Lennox saves more than most inverters on the market and for a short payback of 6-9 months. It’s your best investment as a property owner or facilities manager!

  • Clean and fresh air filtration
  • Easy to install

With a ductless design, mini-split units are affordable and quiet while also keeping utility bills low. Independently manage the temperature of a single room with these easy-to-install units. See our mini-split brochure for details.

  • Ductless design – no complicated installation or expensive modifications
  • Low operating sounds
  • Does not generate high utility bills
  • Independently manage temperature of single room


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Cassette units are ceiling hung split system units that sit flush to your ceiling and distribute conditioned air through two, three or four sides of the unit. Cassette units are the best solution for cooling large areas. Due to the large amount of space that both the ceiling and outdoor unit take up, you will need to consult an expert to install where to safely mount one. See more details in our Light Commercial brochure.

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Floor/Ceiling units are units that can be hung on the ceiling or can stand on the floor. Can fit on a ceiling or on the floor to meet the needs of any particular room. See more details in our Light Commercial brochure.

Ducted units can provide temperature control to multiple rooms. Along with better air circulation and humidity control, they are also more aesthetically pleasing indoors than their ductless counterparts. See more details in our Light Commercial brochure.


  • Can provide temperature control to multiple rooms
  • Better at controlling humidity
  • Provide better air circulation
  • Easier and less expensive to service and only require occasional cleaning
  • More aesthetically pleasing inside (only vents are visible)
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Our Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) product line allows conditioning the space on an area by area basis, offering the flexibility to select the indoor air handler that best suit your decor.

The mini VRF condensers work well with hi-wall mount evaporators, cassettes, floor/ceiling and ductless fan coil systems.

These features, as well as the individual control and low power consumption, make these systems an ideal application for homes requiring cooling in various rooms and where energy efficiency is a major priority. See more details in our Lennox Mini VRF brochure.

  • Independently manage temperature of a single room
  • Clean and fresh air filtration
  • Easy to install